Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Completely Ridiculous Start to a New Blog

Alright, so.
Originally, I started out thinking I wasn't a terrible writer. I started things like this blog, and other writings all over the internet that could showcase my potentially fabulous talent for creatively expressing all things that need expressing. That was a few years ago.
Inevitably, I suppose, through the delightful curriculum of Honors English, my writing and reading substantially improved....a little. So today when I saw the posts I had written from years past, I was less than enthused.
I could've just deleted this blog, yes, but I personally think my witty and self-titled title was too good to simply delete. Alas, I have now written this new post in hopes that this new blogging-spree will be thoroughly less annoying and suckish.
That being said, I will willingly admit that I have absolutely nothing interesting to say right now. Maybe next time.